San Francisco/SOMA-based start-up – Google AppEngine

If you like owning projects end-to-end, working with an amazing team of engineers (most ex-Googlers/YouTube) and led by a very successful CEO, this may be worth your time checking out.

My customer, an extremely well-funded SF/SOMA-based start-up, led by the creator of Google Voice, is on their way to disrupting the $100B enterprise voice market.  Their focus is on mobile devices, and pushing control and information across a number of screens.  They have one successful product under their belt, but this is just a step one of a larger enterprise voice strategy.

We’re looking for a Software Engineer, a generalist, who enjoys taking ownership of data-driven projects end-to-end.  The right person brings strong CS fundamentals to the table, including practical design, algorithms etc.  They code in Python relative to AppEngine.  You can expect some front-end and there is potential for iOS/Android mobile app development.  You don’t need Python, just a desire to learn.  Those with demonstrated personal projects, GitHub contributions, outside of their regular work, are a particular good fit.

These folks have fun, don’t take themselves too seriously, but do seriously good work.

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