Sunnyvale-based cloud infrastructure start-up – Core Engineering/Web Services

If you like owning projects end-to-end, working with an amazing team of engineers and led by a very successful CEO, this may be worth your time checking out.

I am working with a very well-funded series-A start-up with backing from a top VC.  The management team has a deep background in web infrastructure and was responsible for 800M acquisition in recent years.  The core engineering team is top echelon.

In short, they are building a new massively-scaled cloud service for the enterprise relative to security and storage.  You’ll have the opportunity to work on customer-facing applications, which includes full-stack work from distributed backend systems to features higher in the stack.

We are looking for a Software Engineer with 4+ years of experience.  The right person is a strong systems generalist with solid CS fundamentals.  Much of the product development is Python-based.  We understand a talented SWE can learn a new language, so Python experience is not necessary.  If you have C/C++/Java, and have experience building web services and web-scale software this is probably a good match.

This is a cool opportunity to get in on the ground floor and work with a great team.

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