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Today’s highly competitive hiring landscape requires companies have a partner who not only locates talented knowledge workers, but a partner who advocates effectively on their behalf. In other words, companies need a partner who knows their competitive advantage and can relay this message to the right prospective candidates.

BirdDog is deeply committed to providing the very best of service.  We know your business and your industry. We know where to find the right talent for you to achieve your goals. 

We do not submit many resumes – just the right ones.

We guarantee all of our work.



BirdDog prides itself on working with only the best companies – both larger stable companies and start-ups with the right funding, the right management team and right products.

We know you want to make solid career decisions and we strive to bring you only the best opportunities at the best companies.

We will put you in touch with right people and make you privy to career opportunities that others envy. 

In addition to this, we know your value in the marketplace and will work with you in order to maximize your earning potential.

We also respect your privacy and because of this our manner of work is professional and discreet.  Your resume does not leave our office without your approval.


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